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Broome County Sheriff’s Office arrests six people in month-long investigation

(WBNG) — Six people were arrested Monday by the Broome County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division about a month after the department received tips of numerous people stealing items from unlocked vehicles.

“They can be quite bold quite honestly,” said Captain Kate Newcomb from the Broome County Sheriff’s Office. “We’ve had different instances where there has been some security lighting that has gone on, like a motion capture light and it does not frighten them away.”

Using the public’s tips as well as security footage, the Broome County Sheriff’s Office arrested six people after a month-long, comprehensive investigation.

“In this video footage that we reviewed… two things was very obvious. Number one was they would check the door handle to see if the door was locked on or unlocked. If the vehicle was locked, they were not breaking into the cars, they would just move on. The second thing that they were doing is they were looking into the vehicle and see if there was any valuables in there worth their time to kind of rummage through the car,” said Newcomb.

After receiving enough tips, the department says it executed a search warrant in which it found multiple items of stolen property that were returned to the rightful owners including bicycles and a stolen handgun.

“These particular subjects who we arrested were also stealing bicycles and were also using those bicycles as a mode of transportation to get around,” said Newcomb. “I personally think the absolutely the most important thing we recovered is that handgun. It’s always a good thing when we can take a gun off the street.”

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office is reminding all residents to make sure their cars are always locked

“Don’t keep any valubales in your car. Certainly don’t keep things like cash, firearms, jewelry, you know expensive jewelry, things of that nature,” said Newcomb.

Deputies also say if you have to keep any valuables in your car overnight, make sure they are well hidden and out of plain sight.

The following arrests include:

All were taken to the Broome County Sheriff’s Office Correctional facility to be arraigned.

Charges range from grand larceny to criminal possession of a firearm, and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Perry, Gumaer, and Green were arrested on multiple charges.

Tyler Brown

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