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Cuomo cracking down on vaping, reaction from Vestal vape shop

(WBNG) — While Governor Andrew Cuomo takes aggressive action to cope with recent vaping concerns, 12 News is hearing from one local vape shop manager.

Cuomo is directing the New York State Health Department to tackle what he calls two emergency health crises; the jump in cases of vaping-associated respiratory illnesses and the rise in young people using vape products and developing lifelong, nicotine addictions.

He says, “common sense says if you don’t know what you are smoking, don’t smoke it, and right now we don’t know what you’re smoking in a lot of these vaping substances.”

Cuomo is tackling the issue from different angles. One method is requiring stores that sell vaping products to post signs warning of their dangers.

Jake Severson, manager of a local Vapor King responds, “we’re happy to comply and do what we need to to make sure people are making actual conscious choices of what they’re putting in their body and everything.”

The store on the Vestal Parkway is already plastered with what Severson calls the latest regulatory signs.

He says, “people dying and people getting sick is a very serious thing and we need to take it very seriously,” but adds, “I think putting the blanket all vapes are to blame for it term is just as irresponsible.”

While he says he trusts our government to get to the root of the vaping problem, “I think that we should know exactly what the issue is and then attack that specifically.”

In the meantime, he says, “whenever there’s a scare around this kind of thing, business definitely declines.”

Severson says his store planned to put up at least one new sign warning of vaping dangers Tuesday.

The health department is also advising New Yorkers to stop vaping while associated illnesses are investigated.

And, he’s pushing legislation to ban flavored electronic liquids, which are used in electronic cigarettes.

Read more from Cuomo on vaping here.

Julia Gorman

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