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Binghamton family honoring family dog by giving back to the community

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — One local family is honoring their late dog by helping pet owners in need.

For Binghamton woman Rolette Warren and her family, their Siberian husky, Diesel, was more than just a pet.

Diesel passed away back in November 2014 as the family struggled to cover high medical bills necessary for his treatments.

“He was everything, like, he put the family together,” Warren said. “We spent every dime we had to save Diesel on his first surgery. The second surgery was too great for us.”

Now, the husky’s memory lives on.

In 2017, Warren and her husband started In Memory of Diesel, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to helping financially-struggling families cover medical costs and food expenses for their pets.

The initiative helps to lend a paw to those who need it most.

“We feel that if we do this for other people, they will have someone to lean on on a personal level because we’ve been there,” Warren said. “We want to really help them because everyone has their own money troubles and financial struggles.”

Warren and her husband recently announced a food pantry as a part of IMOD, something she believes can greatly benefit the community around her.

“It’s getting out there and people have reached out to us, asking if we will take in food, or supplies, or anything like that,” Warren said. “We do take all of those in so we are able to find families or organizations that actually in need of all those.”

Donations to the food pantry can be made by contacting Warren via IMOD’s Facebook page.

The non-profit is also looking for more applicants who feel they can benefit from IMOD’s resources and help.

Cal Dymowski

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