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Looking back on 9/11 from the people’s perspective, many here in the Southern Tier

(WBNG) — 12 News looks back on 9/11, asking locals where they were, what they remember, and how they view the horrific tragedy 18 years later.

Asking many in downtown Binghamton where they were on September 11, 2001, now Binghamton University student Scott Mirenberg says, “my mom was getting ready to take me to daycare.”

Also a young child in 2001, Shelby Miner says, “I remember my mom yelling over the phone about the first tower going down.”

Chris Zacharias, a high school student in 2001 adds, “at first we thought well, probably like everybody else did, it was an accident, the plane somehow accidentally ran into the World Trade Center, obviously by the time the second one hit we knew that was not the case.”

Mayor Rich David continues, “[it was] very clear at that particular moment that our country was under attack.”

“So many children lost their parents that day,” adds Miner.

Mirenberg says, “honoring our heroes, honoring our firefighters, our policeman, our first responders, is something that should be done everyday not just 9/11.”

Mayor David concludes, “as they say, the cost of freedom isn’t really free.”

Julia Gorman

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