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Health officials recommend to prepare for flu season early this year

OWEGO (WBNG) — As the weather turns colder, there’s a lot people look forward to. There’s also other things we need to watch out for, like flu season. We’re already entering that time when its best to think about getting your flu shot.

“The fall is traditionally the best time of the year to start thinking about getting your flu shot. We’re coming up on the season where we are going to start seeing more of our cases,” said Tioga County Public Health Educator Kylie Holochak.

The vaccine does take a little time to kick in, that’s why it’s recommended getting it early. However, many don’t due to some common myths.

“The flu vaccine cannot give you the flu. You cannot get sick from it. What happens is that in that period of time between getting the vaccination and the time you get sick you’ve been exposed to somebody else who has the virus,”said Holochak.

It is better to not risk it, especially with how bad the last couple of flu seasons have been.

“2018, I think, everyone remembers. We had well over 600 cases just in Tioga County. Last year we were up past 500,” said Holochak.

Especially for those most vulnerable to the flu virus, having more individuals vaccinated can make all the difference and keep everyone healthy.

“If you do pick up that virus, before you’re even showing symptoms you can actually begin to pass along the virus to the next person. So you could be exposing somebody from a very vulnerable population to this virus,” said Holochak.

That is one of the most important things to remember. When you get your flu shot, you’re not only protecting yourself, but your also protecting everyone else around you so that we can all stay healthy through this flu season.

Damon Matson

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