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Siren on top of Owego fire station back up and running

OWEGO (WBNG) — After 16 years, the siren at the top of the Owego fire station is back up and running.

The siren is a little part of Owego’s history, it was dedicated at the station in the late 1930’s.

“The whistle that we refer to at the central fire station, was in dedication to a fire chief of the Owego fire department who died in the line of duty,” said assistant fire chief Daniel Gavin.

It’s something that many people who are from Owego, remember loud and clear.

“I’ve grown up in Owego and I’m used to the big loud siren, and I don’t think that it’s going to be any different. You get used to it, in fact I think it’s kind of nice that it’s coming back,” said former resident Pam Pringle.

It was out of service for more than a decade, but now that it’s back, it’s meant to notify firefighters and the public when there’s a fire service call being responded to.

The department says it’s a good thing for the public to be informed.

“They start becoming aware already that there might be a firetruck coming up behind them, and their awareness level starts coming into play. And that helps us out navigating the streets. Also if you’re shopping in town, and know that something might be going on, it makes you more aware that a fire service is going to be answered,” said Gavin.

It can even potentially be used in other emergency situations.

“We had this great discussion on the sirens when the floods occurred. When there’s no power, we can’t notify the public,” said Gavin.

There’s another siren on top of the station, known as the Ferdinand, which is also undergoing repairs.

All of the repairs are at no cost to the taxpayers. They are being funded through donations, members of the fire department, and with the help of the DRI grant.

Annie Flaherty

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