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12 News’ Julia Gorman talks interview skills with local sixth graders

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — 12 News Reporter Julia Gorman spoke with local sixth graders Thursday about a project they’re working on involving interviewing other students.

The sixth graders at West Middle School are interviewing students for a school project and staff brought in 12 News Reporter Julia Gorman to share her journalistic tips and tricks.

The project involves sixth graders interviewing seventh graders at their school to put together a video on what makes a successful sixth grade student.

Gorman spoke with students on both Monday and Thursday on how to approach/begin an interview, how to get interview subjects to elaborate in their answers and how to feel comfortable conducting an on-camera interview. She also critiqued questions they thought of for the project.

Sixth grader Imogen Kuitz recapped saying, “We had to make a list of questions that we wanted to ask them, and then decide which ones you wanted to use, and then just ask the seventh graders the questions. Sometimes they would give answers that were just kind of like blah, and then you’d have to make them elaborate like Julia taught us.”

Gorman also talked with student about how to shoot dynamic video that would engage a viewer.

Once the student’s project is finished, it will eventually be shown to next year’s sixth graders.

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