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Fainting Goat Island Inn named second best haunted hotel in US

NICHOLS (WBNG) — One local inn has an especially spooky reason to celebrate this Friday the 13th.

The Fainting Goat Island Inn was voted as the second best haunted hotel in America as part of USA Today’s 10 Best series.

Guests have reported several weird and inexplicable things happening at the five room inn less than a mile from Tioga Downs, such as knives falling out of ceilings and doors slamming out of nowhere.

The building was an old railroad hotel in the 1850s, but its owner still couldn’t believe it would be nominated for such an award.

“Oh I thought it was a scam (laughs) I really did,” said Marnie Streit, who has owned the inn and the adjacent 17 acre island for three years. “My daughter Lynae said ‘Mom, have you looked at your email?’ and I said ‘No, it’s summertime, mother doesn’t look at email’ and so she said ‘You’ve got to look at it, you have something from USA Today.'”

The inn beat out much more established haunted hotels like The Sagamore in Lake George.

Streit says she was originally hesitant to brand the inn as a haunted hotel, but after its success and popularity, she’s all aboard the terror train.

Josh Rosenblatt

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