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Fall leaf colors soon to arrive with a good outlook in place

(WBNG) — In New York and the Northeast, fall is quite an amazing season, in large part due to the color change many trees experience.

So as we get further into September, what exactly are we looking for to get that peak fall color as we go further into the new season?

Well, we’re looking for cooler temperatures at night, plenty of sunshine, a little bit of rain. We don’t want everything to dry out and just die off.

That’s one of the things we want to avoid as well. No droughts, no early frosts here early in the season. We also don’t want those temperatures to be majorly above average, up into the 80’s per-say, for an extended period of time. That could also ruin the color, dampen it a good bit.

Again, recent conditions with the cooler temperatures at night and the forecast that we’ve been getting over the last several weeks here, it’s been looking really good for us to see a decent amount of color.

We can expect to see that as we get into late September. As a matter of fact, you can go outside and look, a few trees already turning different shades other than that green.

Again, we don’t have a report in quite yet, but the first report is going to come out in the middle of next week to show what kind of color we’re seeing across New York State.

So for those looking to take a ride through all the color, that time of year is just right around the corner.

Damon Matson

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