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Harvest Moon potentially visible for a rare appearance on Friday the 13th

(WBNG) — The sky should be lit up a little brighter tonight by the Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Moon itself has actually been an occurrence for years.

“It’s the full moon that’s in September and it was actually indicated to say to farmers okay, when you get the full moon, now’s the time to start harvesting your crops,” said Kopernik Observatory Director Drew Deskur.

The Harvest Moon is so rare this year because it’s going to be out on Friday the 13th.

While we will still see the moon before the date turns over, there is one detail to keep in mind.

The moon is going to reach its peak at 12:32 in the morning on September 14. So while we will still see the moon on Friday the 13th, it’s not going to reach its peak until we flip over to Saturday.

Other time zones across the country will be seeing the Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th however, and that’s what makes this such a unique event.

The last time this combo happened? October 2000. The next time it will happen? Deskur says 2049.

Damon Matson

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