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Local students start care package drive in honor of 9/11 victims

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — In social studies classes, seventh graders at Jennie F. Snapp Middle School have been learning about 9/11. But they’re learning more than just the facts from the textbooks.

“The impact, what happened, who was involved, but also we’ve been focusing in on the amazing acts of kindness that happened,” said teacher Amanda Atkinson.

Atkinson’s classes are taking an extra step, remembering those who sacrificed their lives for others. They are not only learning about them, but doing acts of kindness to honor them.

“We’re not here just to teach them the curriculum, we’re here to help them be good people. And I think that’s really what we should remember out of 9/11 and what Patriots Day is really about,” said Atkinson.

Atkinson’s classes are collecting donations to make care packages for marines stationed overseas.

“They’re also people who are laying down their lives for us,” said seventh grader Faith Castoro.

It’s an idea that Atkinson came up with herself.

“I have a former student I taught about 10 years ago who’s in the Marines in Japan. I’m meeting up with him this weekend, and I just had this idea. And I thought we would just get him a small care package, and it’s really taken off,” she said.

Students are collecting items like toiletries, notepads, pens and pencils, and snacks.

The students who are helping put the packages together say it’s a way for them to say thank you.

“It feels really nice because it’s like you’re doing something for people who are doing so much for you that you can never really pay back,” said Castoro.

While the classroom lesson may be about the tragic events of 9/11, students are also learning a little more than that.

“It’s so nice to give back, even if it’s just a little, it makes you feel good,” said Castoro.

If you’d like to donate any items, they can be dropped off through next week at Jennie F. Snapp Middle School.

Annie Flaherty

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