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Beyond the Spectrum painting class helps kids on the autism spectrum express themselves

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — A painting class is helping those on the autism spectrum express themselves.

At Stilettos Fine Arts Gallery, the Beyond the Spectrum painting class met Tuesday evening, painting horses and unicorns in beautiful sunsets.

The program is offered to kids and adults on and off the spectrum, focusing on making art projects, forging new friendships, and positive outputs of self expression.

“We’ve been really focusing on creating our own worlds,” says Rebecca Whitman, Stilettos Fine Arts Studio owner. “So we’ll give them an idea, but we’re really focusing on them creating in their own world. Their own vision, their own colors, everything to it because that really lets them show who they are.”

In their next meeting, they’ll be painting peace signs.

For more information on getting involved, you can head to the Stilettos Fine Arts Studio facebook page.

David Caya

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