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Emma and Aubrey Bough – 12 Sports Athletes of the Week

TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) – New season, same results from Chenango Forks girls soccer. Domination, so everyone should be happy, right?

“It’s also sad and bittersweet that it is going to come to an end at some time,” said Chenango Forks senior Emma Bough.

This is the final run for one of the most accomplished athletes to ever come through Chenango Forks, Emma Bough.

“I enjoy it every year but this year, you enjoy the little things more than I’ve enjoyed them in the past because now it’s sad because this is your last time doing certain things that you love doing,” said Emma.

In her time on the soccer team Bough has totaled over 150 goals and helped bring two state titles to the program, but she’s not satisfied.

“Well, just trying to win another state title and try to make it as far as we can, obviously it is going to take a lot of hard work to get back to where we were last year because we had a pretty good season last year,” said Emma.

This year is no different. In the team’s win over Windsor last Wednesday, Bough put up a hat trick, but the only one to have more goals in the game was her little sister, Aubrey.

“She was a better soccer player than I was at her age,” said Emma.

I’m really comfortable and I think a lot of it helps that the seniors, Emma, Lauren and Sophia, I have been around them since they were younger,” said Chenango Forks freshman Aubrey Bough.

Aubrey is just a freshman at Chenango Forks but she’s no stranger to the team. She made her varsity debut in 7th grade, won a state title in 8th and is now one of the team’s top scorers.

“It is an honor to be a part of it because you wouldn’t expect someone so young to have a state title before they were even a freshman,” said Aubrey.

The two have a sister relationship that helps make them both so special on the field.

“Me and Aubrey, we are best friends,” said Emma.

“We get a little like at each other because she just expects the best from me so if I’m like goofing off, she is always on me making sure I am on the right path because she just cares so much about everything I am doing,” said Aubrey.

The legacy that Emma will leave at the end of this school year is one that Aubrey hopes to follow.

“Even knowing the chemistry, as a player it is easier to connect with someone that I am close to so I know exactly where she is going to be running and how to find her on the field and I think that it just amazing to have someone that I can look up to,” said Aubrey.

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