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Local ice cream shops getting ready for seasonal change

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) – As the summer fades out and the fall rolls in, local ice cream parlors are taking steps to keep the customers coming.

Sugar Lips co-owner, Fritz Vail, and his staff announced new fall-themed flavors ahead of the seasonal change.

“We’re real excited about the fall,” Fritz said. “We’ve got new flavors that we make right here. One is pumpkin pie. We have a vegan pumpkin pie. The maple bacon really seems to be popular. We’ve got the cider doughnut, and we have cinnamon caramel apple.”

But not all businesses have found success in the new-flavor department.

Jones Humdinger’s owner Steven Kallfelz has dished out his own fall themes, like pumpkin and apple, but they haven’t been selling like he had hoped.

“School’s in session and people’s mindset changes, even though it’s perfect outside,” Kallfelz said. “They’re just not interested in ice cream anymore. It’s a natural slow down.”

Kallfelz plans on keeping Humdinger’s open til the first week in October, but it all depends on how the weather affects business.

As for Sugar Lips, they’re staying open into November, welcoming the fall season and anyone with a sweet tooth.

Cal Dymowski

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