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Local woman reunited with lost wedding ring two months later

(WBNG) — A local woman was reunited with her wedding ring after she lost it more than two months ago.

Patti Teeple was teeing off at the Chenango Commons Golf Course back in early July.

Before playing, she took off her two-part wedding ring and left it inside her car cup holder.

Going to put her ring back on after playing, she realized part of it was missing. After considerable searching, there was no ring to be found.

For Frank and Linda Urso, however, it was a different story.

Visiting from South Carolina, they stopped for lunch at McGirk’s Irish Pub, which sits right next to Chenango Commons.

“[I] bent down, picked it up and I go wow somebody lost a ring,” said Frank Urso.

Telling local jewelry salesmen and friend Tom Kelleher about the ring they found, they confirmed it was real.

Searching for its owner, the couple found no such luck, and headed back down south.

“I put it on my desk, never thought anything about it, looked a little bit, never saw anything on social media,” said Linda Urso.

More than a month went by and still looking, Teeple reached out to Tom Kelleher’s jewelry business to see if anyone had turned in her ring.

“Searching back in my memory, I remember this story sounded familiar to me,” said Kelleher.

Then, a light bulb went off, the story he was told back in July by his friend Linda Urso.

Urso sent a picture of the ring she had to Kelleher, which he sent to Teeple. She confirmed it was hers.

Teeple was finally reunited with her ring more than two months later.

“The stars were aligned is all I can think,” said Teeple.

She says she couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who helped get her ring back on her finger and she’s learned her lesson.

“Now I have to learn how to golf with my ring because I’m not taking it off anymore.”

Teeple plans to get her two piece wedding ring soldered together as soon as possible.

She received it in the mail last Wednesday, which just so happens to coincide with her wedding month.

Julia Gorman

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