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Pennsylvania Constable raises over $10,000 to support local veteran

ATHENS, P.A., (WBNG) — Jim Canning, a Pennsylvania State Constable went on his daily job of serving papers. When he arrived to the house of a Korean War Veteran, things started to change.

Canning was delivering a tax notice to Raymond Chan Dick Sr., who owed thousands of dollars in taxes. Canning had also noticed that Raymond’s house was in complete disrepair. He then decided to take action.

“I didn’t want to stand by and watch him lose his property over a couple of years of taxes. Personally, I think we need to treat our veterans a little bit better than that,” said Canning.

Canning started a Facebook donation, raising over $10,000 in just two days. That money will go toward paying Raymond’s taxes, repairing his house, and purchasing new appliances, as he had none.

“I’m trying to get myself together so my wife will come back. The rain and everything flooded my house, and my wife said, ‘the ceiling fell and missed my head by three inches, this house is not safe, I’m not coming back until you fix it,'” said Chan Dick Sr.

Since the start of this project, generous donors have already delivered a new fridge to the house. For Canning, he’s simply helping a brother out.

“I’m not an angel. People keep telling me that. I’m a veteran trying to help another veteran,” said Canning.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, visit the Facebook donation page. Volunteers are invited to help clean up Raymond’s house at the Facebook event here.

Katie Jones

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