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Southern Tier Independence Center to sue NYS Department of Health.

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Southern Tier Independence Center (STIC) is suing the NYS Department of Health, more than a $150 million cut to Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) program.

CDPA is the least expensive form of home care, which allows people with disabilities and seniors to hire, train, and dismiss their own Personal Assistants (PAs).

The DOH has said the cut is only meant to affect the Fiscal Intermediaries (FI’s) that provide administration for the program and not the rate paid to cover PA wages and fringe benefits.

However if the cut is enacted, some FI’s will close forcing consumers into more expensive personal care without the ability to hire who they wish.

STIC currently has 450 PA’s enrolled in their CDPA.

“It would mean that we would have to cut our own staff, lay off several people, and then we would also have to cut back on the level of services we provide to consumers and just do the very minimum required to keep the program going.” said Maria Dibbles, the Executive Director of STIC.

Fiscal Intermediaries processes payroll, time sheets, medical documentation, and training to personal assistants who help people with bathing, cooking, toileting, shopping, and much more.

They also provide training for PA’s, corporate compliance, employment rules and regulation and much more.

The DOH changed the formula by which FI’s are paid based off a faulty information, the FI’s are suing to prevent this false formula from being implemented.

Chris Overby

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