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New Yorkers react to scrapped license plate plan

(WBNG) — A state initiative is hitting the brakes. Governor Andrew Cuomo is walking back on a license plate proposal.

“I actually applaud the governor because this is what elected leaders are supposed to do. They’re supposed to put forth policy and they’re supposed to listen to the will of the people,” said State Senator Fred Akshar.

The proposal originally would require New Yorkers with license plates 10 years or older to replace them with new plates, costing $25. If you wanted to keep your license plate numbers, it would be an additional $20.

“It was just a way to make money, it wasn’t right and I think that’s why he pulled back,” said Robert Nigro of Binghamton. “$25 is a little too steep.”

When the initiative was announced, it drew mixed reactions.

“Well I think it’s only $25, I mean to get a decent license plate so it can be read, why not pay the $25, it’s not that big of a deal,” said Dumar O’Brien of Endicott.

But a lot of the comments were negative.

“They’re robbing from the people again,” said Charles Fox who owns property in Binghamton. “Why do they have to dip into the people who are working and take their money. It’s bad enough we’re slaves to the jobs, but to keep taking from us is ridiculous.”

“Everyday, hardworking New Yorkers are tired of getting their pockets picked. And this is exactly what this proposal was,” said Akshar.

Now that Cuomo won’t be driving the proposal into reality, many New Yorkers are celebrating.

“It’s nice that your voice can be heard and something can be done about it, so here’s to the people,” said Fox.

The program was supposed to be rolled out in April. Senator Akshar says the state is now working as a group to figure out what comes next.

Annie Flaherty

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