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Village of Greene favorite New Five and Ten Variety Store to open second location

GREENE (WBNG) — In an era of tough economic times, one Chenango County store has found success by keeping it simple.

The New Five and Ten Variety Store is a discount grocery store in Greene, which will soon be expanding to a second location in Afton.

One of the co-owners of the store, Michael Marsaln said his family used to own a discount grocery store in Binghamton, and that it’s always been his dream to own his own shop. The Afton location will be in the same space where Horton Hardware currently sits on Main Street, and the two will share the storefront.

There aren’t many places to buy groceries in rural Chenango County, so Marsaln said he was happy to be able to provide a service people can take advantage of.

“We’re doing so well, we’re gonna open a second location we’re doing so good,” said Marsaln Friday. “We basically, we’re bursting at the seams, we can’t even accomodate the customers we have now the building’s too small, so we want to open in Afton and accomodate more customers and make it more convenient for the people in that direction.”

There are many areas of the county that are classified as food deserts, meaning there are no places to get groceries nearby, so Marsaln said he saw an opportunity to help people and took it.

“Over in Afton they lost their grocery store about a year ago and a community six miles from there lost their grocery store a few years ago so there’s no place to get groceries at all within a 12 mile radius from that area from what I’m told,” he said.

He hopes to open the second location in Afton the first week of December.

Josh Rosenblatt

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