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Binghamton University celebrates homecoming weekend

VESTAL (WBNG) – Hundreds of alumni flooded the Binghamton University’s campus Saturday to celebrate homecoming weekend.

For Diane Wallace, homecoming weekend at her alma matter is extra special this year. Her son, Cameron, is a freshman at Binghamton University. Cameron says his mom isn’t the only reason he decided to come to BU, but it doesn’t matter to her. “I couldn’t be happier that he’s here,” Diane said.

She has plenty of advice offered to her son and other current students. “Of course, school is always first,” she said glancing at Cameron. “Study! But what you do now is just priceless in years to come.”

The Wallace’s aren’t the only family back in town. Hundreds of alumnus are visiting their old stomping grounds to catch up with friends and reminisce on their favorite memories from their college years.

“My favorite memory from Binghamton was definitely being on the cheer-leading team it was a great way to get involved on campus and meet all my friends,” said Constantina Leodis, a 2019 graduate.

For others, it was spring fling, the softball team, or creating a performance club. For some alumnus being back on campus brings a wish the college years never had to end.

“I miss it so much,” said Leodis to her friend, Jessica Smith.

“I don’t want to leave,” Smith replied. “I think we might re-enroll.”

Gabrielle Caracciolo

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