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Garbage under bridge has Binghamton residents concerned

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — What’s under the Tompkins Street Bridge, on the Court Street side, is leaving many people who know the Binghamton area well, upset.

“I think it’s utterly disgusting. From what I remember Binghamton to say 20 years ago, 30 years ago, to even now, certain areas are really disgusting and I’m surprised they’re still there,” said Pete Grigor of Binghamton.

Piles of trash litter the ground, made of everything from plastic to clothing, to food containers.

“That’s probably pretty dangerous, pretty bad for the environment, I think that should definitely be cleaned up,” said Rob Grasso of Binghamton.

But the garbage may be pointing at a bigger problem in the area. Needles are scattered among the trash, and it’s creating a huge concern for residents.

“This area was never like that. There were some spots to be sure that were somewhat grungy, but nothing like dirty needles hanging around and garbage and trash. I’m just really disgusted about that,” said Grigor.

“It can destroy the community, it really can,” said Rob Fiorini of Binghamton.

The City of Binghamton is taking action. City officials say they went down to the area on Wednesday to see for themselves. The Department of Public Works will be cleaning up the area and separating, where possible, the needles. The needles will then be given to Binghamton Police to be disposed of properly.

Annie Flaherty

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