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Tips for winterizing your plants

APALACHIN (WBNG) — Winter is coming, and the gardens at Cornerstone at W&W Nursery have a few tips to help your plants deal with the winter.

“Start looking into it at the end of September, mid-October. Throughout the area, things are going to start shedding their leaves,” said Aleah Williams, manager of W&W Nursery & Landscaping.

Williams suggests covering your plants as the temperatures continue to drop. Burlap bags allow a more breathable space for the plant, and frost blankets can be used for shorter periods in severe weather. She also suggests keeping your plants hydrated, but not too much, as over-watering can also kill your vegetation.

“Water your plants right up until ground freeze. This is going to make sure they’re actually hydrated throughout the winter. If it’s frozen, you don’t need to be out there, because if you freeze the roots, it’s going to harm it more than help it,” said Williams.

While temperatures are the primary issue, Williams recommends taking extra steps to protect plants against deer. Deer repellent and netting can be used to deter them. If you do decide to build a fence, Williams recommends building it pretty tall, as deer can jump high.

If your plants do not do well this winter, romaine calm!

“Cut the plant down pretty severely. That’s going to help it form new growth in the following season. Go ahead and fertilize it and keep watering it so that it gets the nutrients to be able to push back,” said Williams.

For more winterizing tips, check out these videos from the gardens at Cornerstone at W&W Nursery & Landscaping.


Katie Jones

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