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Baked Peanut Butter Apples

This week we’re making baked peanut butter apples and they’re the perfect snack treat really can even be dessert.

What I’ve done, is sliced in half a delicious honey crisp apple. You’ve got to get out the lemon baller and were going to use it to remove the core and the seeds and make a nice well in the middle of our apple. That’s what’s going to get filled with peanut butter here in a few minutes. You want to get any pieces of the core any part of the stem get that right out and place your apples right on a baking sheet.

Once you have your apples cored and ready to go take a little bit of vegetable oil and use a pastry type brush and we’re just going to brush the inside of our apples with a little bit of oil this just helps them to soften up and brown up a bit as they bake and once you have those ready at 375 degrees.

Were going to head to the oven and bake them for 15 minutes until the apples get nice and tender and you can see that light brown on the top.

I have a cup of peanut butter here and I’m just using creamy natural peanut butter. Were going to fill each one of these wells with peanut butter. Then once you have them filled they’re going to go back to the oven and bake for another 15 minutes and after they’ve baked you can see the peanut butter has gotten really melty and ready to eat.

These are mini Reese’s cups so you can just chop these up and top each one with some of these. Then for a little extra chocolate, you can either melt down some chocolate chips but I’m going to take these dark chocolate chips and put them right on top and they’ll melt into that warm peanut butter a bit.

Amanda Nord

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