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Man with Binghamton history involved in NYPD officer shootout

(WBNG) — 12 News is learning more about how the man involved in the death of a New York City Police officer over the weekend had a Binghamton history.

Police say New York City Police Officer Brian Mulkeen, 33, was on patrol with a Bronx anti-crime unit Sunday morning.

Mulkeen got into an altercation with 27-year-old Antonio Williams, alongside other officers, where shots were fired.

Monday, police said friendly fire took Mulkeen’s life, when he was hit twice by police bullets during the confrontation.

As of Monday evening, police officials said they were still investigating whose shots killed Williams.

The Binghamton Police Department confirms the suspect was arrested just last month on August 15 for harassment in the second degree.

At that time, police say he provided the address of 118 Walnut Street in Binghamton.

Julia Gorman

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