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Safety tips for bow hunting season starting October 1

CONKLIN (WBNG) — Bow hunting season begins October 1, but local law enforcement wants to share some safety advice before heading out.

“For people to follow those safety rules, those main safety rules to ensure they don’t injure, or in an unfortunate accident, cause the death of another hunter or innocent person,” said Lt. Ric Warner of the NYS Environmental Conservation Police.

Before purchasing a hunting license, you will have to undergo a hunting safety course. Afterward, you’ll receive a certificate authorizing a hunting license. When you purchase that license, you’ll also receive a booklet of laws and regulations for hunting in New York.

“I would encourage everyone to read that booklet, from cover to cover. It covers nearly everything they would need to know to hunt legally and safely in New York,” said Warner.

Since bow hunting begins before firearm hunting, authorities say tree stands are popular, but must be used safely.

“We would encourage everyone that hunts out of a tree stand, to ensure that they properly wear a safety harness, that would prevent them from getting injured, or causing a death, something like that from falling out of an elevated tree stand,” said Warner.

If you are out hunting, Warner says that any animal you target, becomes your responsibility. If you do not perform a clean, quick kill, you’re encouraged to track the animal and properly harvest it. Breaking New York’s hunting laws could land you hefty fines, and even possible jail time.

“We need assistance when we do our jobs. If people witness unlawful or unethical acts, they should certainly pick up the phone and contact one of our officers so we an investigate and try to get to the bottom of it,” said Warner.

If you would like to report suspected violations, you can do so anonymously by contacting the DEC Law Enforcement Dispatch Center at 1-844-332-3267.

Firearm hunting season will begin on November 16.

Katie Jones

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