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Claudia Tenney Announces 2020 Candidacy for New York’s 22nd district

(WBNG) — In a press release from Claudia for Congress, Claudia Tenney has announced her intention to run for New York’s 22nd congressional district once again.

The race will be a rematch against democratic Representative Anthony Brindisi.

Tenney said, “Upstate New York deserves a representative who will fight for their values in Congress, someone who will work to deliver actual results, not resistance. Nancy Pelosi, Anthony Brindisi, and democrats in Congress are not interested in governing, they simply want to resist the President’s agenda. Anthony Brindisi’s voting record is clear, he votes with President Trump less often than even Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – that is not the voting record our district wants or deserves.”

A spokesperson for Brindisi, Sarah Russell said, “This district has long turned the page on Claudia Tenney, who delivered for late night tv more than she ever did our hometown. Anthony Brindisi is the kind of pragmatic, bipartisan problem solver the district appreciates and America could use more of. He’ll keep up his fight for middle-class families, but remains at-the-ready for a re-match against a kind of politics voters are, quite frankly, exhausted by.”

Chief strategist for Cornwell for Congress, John Thomas responded, “For years, this seat was totally out of reach for Democrats, who didn’t even field candidates…because they knew it was hopeless. And then came Claudia Tenney. She is a failure as a candidate, a cautionary tale, and judging by her botched campaign announcement, she hasn’t improved. She should listen to voters who sent her packing last cycle and sit this one out.”

Amanda Nord

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