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Sports business manager gets year in prison in NCAA scandal

NEW YORK (AP) — An aspiring sports business manager convicted of bribery conspiracy in a college basketball scandal that shook amateur athletics has been sentenced to a year in prison.

Christian Dawkins was sentenced Thursday in Manhattan federal court.

Dawkins was convicted in May on two charges and acquitted of others in a prosecution that revealed that top college coaches were paid off to steer NBA-bound athletes to favored handlers.

Dawkins, tearful at times as he spoke to Judge Edgardo Ramos, said what he did “wasn’t worth it.”

At trial, Dawkins testified that he never bribed anyone.

Ramos concluded Dawkins lied on the witness stand. Still, he granted leniency from the four-to-five years recommended by federal sentencing guidelines. The judge cited inequities in the case that allowed some people to avoid prosecution.

Associated Press

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