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Local volunteers help improve Broome County through projects

BROOME COUNTY (WBNG) — Volunteers came together Saturday to help cleanup parts of Broome County.

Projects were put on by the county’s Environmental Management Council in the city of Binghamton, town of Vestal, Endicott, Johnson City and the town of Union.

“It’s surprising how much happens out of sight,” said volunteer Oral Marriott. “There’s always volunteer opportunities to come out and do things to actually make the environment better instead of drive by and wish it was clean.”

Marriott was joined by others at the 201 Bridge in Johnson City, picking up trash under the bridge itself and near the Susquehanna River.

“We got to do our part to make Broome County, Johnson City, Binghamton and Vestal looking like the place that we want it to look like,” Marriott said.

On the Chuggnut Trail near the River Front, volunteers came together to paint over graffiti by the trail’s flood wall.

Senior Planner for Broome County Beth Lucas was excited by those choosing to get involved in beautifying their local outdoors.

“People are looking for a way they can help improve their communities,” Lucas said. “It’s really important to get people out into their community, and seeing the river front areas because it really helps them appreciate the river fronts in our community. We want to show people they can do their part.”

For those looking to get involved in local projects benefiting the community, you can sign up here.

Cal Dymowski

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