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Tap House 66 looks to ‘Tap Out Cancer’

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Johnson City’s Tap House 66 is looking to help ‘Tap Out Cancer’ through a new fundraising effort. Their event featured live music, food, and raffles. The proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodges, housing for cancer patience and their caretakers.

“Everybody’s been touched by cancer,” said Nancy Graver, one of the event’s volunteer organizers.

Tap House 66 co-owner Bill Taylor echos the sentiment, “We all know someone who has suffered.”

For Bill and Nancy, that someone they know is restaurant co-owner Kelley Vandoorn. Vandoorn is currently battling cancer and wanted to start the event to help others and give back.

“I was working at the American Cancer society,” explained Graver. “She told me that she wanted to give back so she wanted to do some kind of event and asked if I would help her.”

Graver, who worked at the American Cancer Society for over twenty years, didn’t hesitate to say yes.

“We’ve been meeting weekly for months trying to has out all the details and it just came together,” Graver said.

Co-owner Bill Taylor says they plan on hosting the “Tap Out Cancer” fundraiser every year.

“This is our way of giving back,” Taylor said.

Gabrielle Caracciolo

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