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Oktoberfest celebrates culture and heritage in town of Maine

TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — The town of Maine came together to celebrate Oktoberfest at Most Holy Rosary Church with food, music, and more on Sunday.

On the final day of Oktoberfest, the community celebrated German heritage with German food and a polka band. For organizers, Oktoberfest is an event the entire town gets excited about.

“It really is fun. Last night was jammed here. The crowd was great, people stayed right until the end. We love to see the people,” said Jim Tokos, Oktoberfest co-chair.

Isabelle Alfarano and Colleen Steele, Oktoberfest volunteers, say there’s something at Oktoberfest for everyone.

“Everyone can just come, it’s not like you have to buy anything to come. You can buy tickets or you can buy food, but you don’t need to purchase a ticket to enter,” said Alfarano.

Oktoberfest concluded with the Pennies from Heaven 2019 Super Raffle; a chance to win $8,000.

Katie Jones

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