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Serlingfest 2019 wraps up at Binghamton High School after a three-day event

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Sunday marked the final day of Serlingfest 2019.

Binghamton High School hosted a film session where students from Ithaca College were able to show off their creative works inspired by Rod Serling, most famous for his work on the TV series, “The Twilight Zone.”

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the hit show. Guest speakers took to the stage to talk about the elements and aspects of “The Twilight Zone,” and how it has influenced today’s films.

Serlingfest 2019 organizer, Nick Parisi, said even Serling would be shocked by the celebration of his work.

“It’s tremendous, and it would shock Rod Serling. He would be amazed that we’re still talking about this show 60 years later,” Parisi said. “He did not think it would have the staying power. He’s been talked about 60 years after ‘The Twilight Zone,’ he’ll be talked about another 60 years from now, and it’s great to the reaction people have here.”

Art replicating and honoring Serling’s work could be purchased at multiple locations during Serlingfest 2019.

Cal Dymowski

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