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Brooms Over Broome sweeping in to help cancer patients this October

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — A local company is sweeping in to help cancer patients in our area tidy up.

Brooms Over Broome kicked off their sixth annual Cleaning for a Cause giveaway, offering their services to one person dealing with cancer treatments, free of charge.

“They’re just so happy, it really does boost the morale, it makes them feel so much better to have a nice clean house,” said Debrah Godbay, the company’s owner. “We know how painful these treatments can be, and that’s the last thing they’re thinking about is cleaning their house. They’re concentrating more on their health.”

The company is currently seeking nominations for people the community thinks could benefit from a cleaning, but it can be difficult narrowing down the choices.

“We usually can’t just pick one person so we end up picking more than one,” said Brooms Over Broome Operations Manager Nicole Stermensky. “We just work them in scheduling around their needs to make sure our services fit what they would like done.”

After the cleaning is completed, staff say seeing the smiles and appreciation makes employees delighted.

“It makes everything we do here worth it. It’s so amazing to be able to help somebody that needs our service,” said Stermensky. “It’s a little sad at first to be there and see someone going through that, but when you’re done cleaning the house, and you leave the house clean it feels good.”

To nominate someone, you can email Stermensky at

Cal Dymowski

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