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NASA begins a series of spacewalks at the international space station

(WBNG/CBS) — NASA is calling it a spacewalk bonanza. A series of ten spacewalks began Sunday and will continue for the next few months.

The fourth in the series, scheduled for next week, is expected to make history.

One down, nine to go, as NASA astronauts completed the first of ten spacewalks at the international space station.

Astronauts Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan removed aging batteries and replaced them with new, much more powerful ones. Koch and Morgan will go back out Friday for more battery work. But all four astronauts on board will take part in the spacewalks at some point in the series.

It’s our goal to share that experience and complete these tasks in the most efficient manner while also growing the experience within our astronaut corp.

Koch is scheduled to make history later this month when she and fellow astronaut Jessica Meir become the first two women to do a spacewalk together. NASA had originally planned to have the first all-women spacewalk in March but that plan fell through because of an issue with the spacesuits. NASA doesn’t rule out more problems.

Megan McArthur from NASA said, “so a lot of things can happen not only with the EMU hardware, the spacesuit hardware but other things on the station affecting station priorities.”

But the agency says NASA is prepared to deal with any issues as they come up. As they power up the space station for years to come.

The first five spacewalks will wrap up later this month followed by a Russian spacewalk. Then NASA plans the other five spacewalks in November and December.

CBS News

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