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Students get a hands on feel for driving while impaired and distracted driving

DEPOSIT (WBNG) — The International Save a Life Tour visited Deposit High school on Monday to teach students the importance of driving sober and distraction free.

The tour is a comprehensive high impact safe driving awareness program that informs, educates and demonstrates the potentially deadly consequences of poor choices made by the operator of a motor vehicle.

Students started the morning with a video and speech presentation, in the video they learned there’s more than just texting as a distraction. In the video students learned of a person who lost a family member to someone who was eating while driving.

In the afternoon students got a chance to get behind the wheel, but not of a real car.

Two driving simulations, one that showed students the dangers of texting while driving. In the simulation they had to maintain speed, stay in their lane and follow the rules of the road while receiving a barrage of text messages.

“It really showed me just how difficult it is to pay attention while you’re trying to text while you’re trying to drive, you’re putting so many people’s lives in danger, not only your own but those inside the car, outside the car. It really makes you think,” said Greg Valentine, a Senior from Deposit High School.

The other simulation was a DWI simulator, students had to yet again maintain their speed, watch out for pedestrians and follow the rules of the road in an augmented reality. This simulator however had delayed reactions to fully simulate what it’s like to drive while impaired.

The Save a Life Tour has been around for 15 years, the texting aspect was added in 2011.

Chris Overby

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