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Tips on keeping your energy bill low as cold weather approaches

(WBNG) — As temperatures begin to drop in the Southern Tier, local experts want you to know a few tips and tricks to prevent your energy bill from heating up.

Vice President of Auchinachie Services in Binghamton, Chris Holleran, says his business gets a lot of calls from customers when winter hits, saying their heater isn’t functioning properly or their heating bills are unusually high.

If you feel like you’d need help from professionals, there are services like the ones offered at Auchinachie in which workers assess your home for heat loss; otherwise, where heat is escaping your home or where cold air may be entering.

“[They] also inspect the actual equipment to see how efficient it is,” said Holleran.

Holleran explains if you feel you can’t afford certain services, there are some things you can watch out for at home by yourself.

“Making sure all cracks are filled in on your foundation and windows, and keeping garage doors closed when its colder out, so those are all things that add to keeping the fuel cost down,” said Holleran.

Holleran says the best thing you can do is maintain your equipment on top of keeping things sealed up tight. If you have a furnace, make sure it is being cleaned and running smoothly, so it will burn less fuel.

In the end with all of these steps, Holleran estimates you could save five to six percent on your monthly bill, which adds up in the long term.

Anne Sparaco

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