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Binghamton parking meter rates doubling in January

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Binghamton will see an increase in parking meter rates from 50 cents to one dollar in January 2020.

The city made the move after receiving complaints from businesses and residents about not having enough parking in the downtown area.

“The pricing in Binghamton is actually so low, you have people parking for longer than they need to and it’s creating a bottleneck for parking in Binghamton,” said Deputy Mayor Jared Kraham.

According to Kraham, people working in downtown Binghamton often leave their cars on metered parking all day. When a person is just stopping for a few hours, street parking can be difficult to find.

“What we want to happen, is the folks that work downtown that are here for a long time, have them park in parking garages a couple blocks away and walk or bike in. The people who are patronizing our businesses, or have appointments can use the street parking spots that are right outside the establishments,” said Kraham.

Doubling the meter rate though, has some residents concerned.

“It’s kind of hard to spend money on things like parking, especially when it’s not readily available and you do have to pay for it to come downtown and do things,” said Kassidy Chaikin, a local resident.

Officials say the prices are still significantly lower than other parts of New York State. In Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo, parking meter rates are $2.

Katie Jones

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