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Logan Haskell – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

CONKLIN (WBNG) – In Susquehanna Valley’s latest win, Logan Haskell was the star. The junior had five total touchdowns, two rushing, two throwing and one receiving.

“We’ve been running the same plays since we were seven or eight so we all know the spots, we can go from position to position, it just works out really good,” said Susquehanna Valley junior Logan Haskell.

“Logan is always front of the line of where do you need me this week and it is nice to have that kind of versatility,” said Susquehanna Valley head coach Mike Ford.

With all the touchdowns he scores, he certainly has a choice for which is his favorite.

“I would probably say rushing, run a person over and get your whole team hype, it’s pretty good,” said Haskell.

A quiet assassin, all Haskell’s business is conducted on the field- a coaches dream.

“He’s just always been very quiet, just go out and lead by example. Never argues about any change in position or what we are doing that week he just goes out and does it and I think a lot of guys look to that and see him lead by example,” said Ford.

When you ask Haskell about his personal stats, you can tell he is all about the team.

“I don’t look at my personal stats usually, just what the team is doing, how many rushes and everything and just looking to get better as a team pretty much,” said Haskell.

“The kind of kid he is he would be just as likely to give it to somebody else on the team. It just happened to work out that way but could be somebody else next week and Logan is the type of team player that is going to go with what’s best for the team,” said Ford.

A team player indeed and as Haskell and the undefeated Sabers continue their season, it’s a team goal for Haskell, not a personal one.

“We’re looking to go back-to-back that’s our main goal and it’s been push everyday to get better,” said Haskell.

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