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Southern Tier Tuesday: A Room to Heal

This week Upstate Shredding awarded their $2,000 grant for Southern Tier Tuesday’s to A Room to Heal.

The all-volunteer organization serves area children battling serious medical conditions by creating healing bedroom environments.

Volunteers with a room to heal say providing these children with brand new bedrooms is a rewarding experience.

Linda Snyder from A Room to Heal said, “We all feel better when we’re in a good environment that’s beautiful, comforting and has your favorite color and things. So, we just know there’s a real therapeutic benefit to these children by giving them a special place that’s designed really for them.”

Members of a room to heal say the money will go directly towards renovating a child’s bedroom.

To find out more about A Room to Heal or their upcoming fundraiser this January, click here.


Jack Arpey

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