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Behind the Boards with Mark Dennehy

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — After dropping their season opener 4-3, 12 Sports Director Nicole Menner goes Behind the Boards with B-Devils head coach Mark Dennehy, ahead of the team’s four game road trip.

On playing with a sense of urgency:

“Yeah first I want to tip my cap to Ryan Parent, he’s in charge of our PK, I thought both special units were pretty good this weekend. It’s amazing, I think part of the energy they played with is an understanding of where they needed to be. In other parts of our game, we’re not quite there yet, whether it’s defensive zone coverage, in the middle of the rink neutral zone fore check, there’s a little bit of apprehension. So we’ve worked all week in practice so we can play with the same type of energy five-on-five in all situation as they did on the PK.

On goalie Evan Cormier’s progression:

“You know I’ve always liked his disposition, he’s a very calm young man. And he takes that onto the ice with him. So whether he gives up a goal or makes a great save, he stays very even keeled. And that’s something I liked about his game from day one, and I think a reason why Evan’s going to be successful at this level.”

On the Devils signing of defenseman Joe Morrow:

“Well you know what he’s been in the NHL the last three seasons. And that’s where he’s trying to get back to, and we’re hopefully going to help him along the way as far as that’s concerned. But you can tell he’s an NHL caliber player. His poise with the puck,he’s got an absolute hammer, he asks the right questions, he’s got a good stick defensively. Those are all reasons why he’s played in the NHL and he’ll probably be back soon.”

On four-game road trip:

“Well again, the schedule’s the schedule. They issue that in July or August and that’s the way you have to play it. Let’s go win some hockey games. But if you go on those type of road trips, the beginning of the year is the time to do it. No team is going to be as organized in the beginning of the season as they are mid-season. So everybody’s at different stages. It gives us a chance to bond on the road, and for those guys to get to know each other and hopefully those type of relationships and the strength of those bonds translate to on-ice performance.

The Binghamton Devils return home Saturday, October 19 to take on the Hartford Wolf Pack.

Nicole Menner

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