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Endicott Wastewater Treatment Plant recieving $1.5 million in upgrades

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — In an effort to help clean up the Susquehanna River, a new project at the Endicott Wastewater Treatment plant will upgrade the facility and protect it from flooding.

Chief Operator Philip Grayson said $1.5 million in grants from organizations like FEMA will help the facility complete the needed renovations.

The wastewater treatment plant was damaged after the major floods of 2006 and 2011. Grayson said flooding greatly impacts its operations. “In 2011 we were offline for greater than six weeks where we just were not able to do our job.”

That means the facility couldn’t treat all the wastewater flowing into the facility and had to discharge the untreated waste into the Susquehanna River. Grayson said this is an ongoing problem whenever there is flooding or heavy rains.

The new funds coming their way could help fix that. “What this project’s designed to do is to take that critical infrastructure and elevate it out of the flood plane,” he said.

Grayson said new machinery will make the plant more efficient and ratepayers won’t feel the impact.

“So if we’ve got the ability to reach out to FEMA or other agencies and go ahead and use those grant funds to try and levy that against these big projects its going to benefit our local population,” he said.

The project is expected to be complete by next summer.

Chloe Vincente

Chloe Vincente is an Evening News Anchor at 12 News.

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