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From the woods to the table, deer processing a major staple of the Twin Tiers

MONTROSE, Pa. (WBNG) — Right when a hunter returns from the woods with the deer they harvested, any meat that needs processing is quickly taken to a local shop.

It doesn’t take long for the meat to be separated out once the deer is dropped off.

“We skin all the deer and we hose them right down, get them all trimmed up and then they chill out for a couple days in the cooler. Then well, you saw the operation where we just process them in the cutting room. Right from the time we break them down into three parts,” said Owner/Operator of Scavazzo’s Deer Processing, Jeff Scavazzo.

This process only takes a couple of days, depending on what variety of meat the hunter wants.

“Salami, summer sausage, summer sausage with cheese. Spicy slim-jims, teriyaki slim-jims, and slim-jims with cheese,” said Scavazzo.

The list of options goes on. Scavazzo’s allows hunters to drop off their deer any time of day because processing the meat quickly is extremely important.

“It’s something that I try to stress to my customers. Because sometimes they will bring them in and they’re just starting to turn green and you got to refuse it. I said you don’t want to eat this deer, you’re going to get sick from it,” said Scavazzo.

Any excess venison hunters bring in can be donated through Hunters Sharing the Harvest, a program set to feed hungry families.

“Last we donated like 3,500 pounds…that’ll feed a lot of families,” said Scavazzo.

Hunting and processing deer is a yearly tradition Scavazzo’s is happy to be a part of.

“I just love interacting with my customers, because I’ve known them for 20-some, 30-some years. But we’re always gaining new customers,” said Scavazzo.

Processing shops like this are vastly important to the hunters that bring their meat here and it is a big part of the fall here in the Twin Tiers.

Damon Matson

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