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Local plane heads to the Bahamas to deliver supplies

TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — CEO of Upstate Shredding, Adam Weistman, is traveling with a team to the Bahamas to deliver supplies after the island nation was devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

Weitsman, his team, and with the help of local students, were able to fill an entire plane with water and enough clothes to fill a tractor-trailer.

“[There are] thousands of pieces of clothing. If you think about clothing, it’s lightweight. We take everything out of boxes and put it in garbage bags to save weight,” said Weitsman.

Weitsman reached out to the community through social media in hopes of finding anyone willing to help his cause. To his surprise, the response from the Southern Tier, he says, was overwhelming.

“We had so many people from this region. 2000 people volunteered to go on this trip,” he said.

Due to weight restrictions on the plane, Weitsman brought a small team of six for a one day trip. He says this project doesn’t belong to him; it belongs to the Southern Tier.

“Everybody in the Southern Tier really rallied around this. Now we’re delivering this for the Southern Tier,” said Weitsman.

The team will return later on Wednesday, with the hopes of completing another trip in a few weeks.


Katie Jones

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