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Owego mayor goes pink for breast cancer awareness

OWEGO (WBNG) — October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many people in the Southern Tier are going pink. That includes Owego Mayor Mike Baratta.

If you see Baratta this month, he will be wearing something pink every single day.

“Somebody may ask you why you’re wearing pink, and you can tell them the story,” he said. “I have to do laundry a lot.”

But he’s not only raising awareness, he’s raising money too.

As an Uber driver, Baratta will be donating half of the money he makes while driving on Friday and Saturday nights.

He says he’s stepping up to support the fight because of the obligation to help others, especially those in the community.

“Breast cancer itself is important for awareness just because it affects so many people and especially in our community, surrounding communities, every community,” he said.

This isn’t the first year Baratta has gone pink.

“He actually died his hair last year, pink. Which was phenomenal, and like I said, he has more guts than I have,” said Matt Lewis of Owego.

“I haven’t committed to doing anything that crazy this year. But it’s still early, it’s only the second week. So, you never know,” said Baratta.

Thursday marks national ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ day. If you want to donate to the campaign, click here.


Annie Flaherty

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