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Checking in on local mental health on World Mental Health Day

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — On World Mental Health Day, 12 News checked in with a local psychiatrist to learn what mental health conditions commonly impact our area.

Dr. Michael Lavin has worked as a psychiatrist for the past 25 years.

He says when it comes to common conditions in our area, “I think we see a lot of folks that suffer with depression and anxiety and I think stress tends to contribute to a lot of these conditions.”

Lavin says conditions like these can have a ripple effect on people’s lives.

“A lot of these conditions really effect the people around them, so family issues are not uncommon to see, a lot of folks deal with strain on the marital relations for example.”

He says issues can even include those with children and parenting.

Lavin says what strikes him most, however, “just how much people will go without the help.”

He emphasizes on World Mental Health Day, if you need help, it’s here in our area.

“I think the main advice is get help, and speak to people and find out what’s helped them and seek out professionals if you really are struggling.”

Several mental health resources in our area include:

Julia Gorman

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