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A New York couple won the mega millions lottery

(WBNG/CBS) – One out of 12,670,000…those were the odds that a painted post couple ended up beating out when they won the mega millions lottery.

Robert and Elaine McEnroe won the one million dollar prize by matching the first five numbers drawn back on August 27th.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Dandy Mini Mart on South Hamilton Street in Painted Post.

They received a giant mega millions prize check from the voice of the lottery, the one, the only, Yolanda Vega!

Winners Elaine And Robert McEnroe said, “I’m still sort of pinching myself, it hasn’t sunk in all the way yet, it will. It’s a large sum of money, and it’s late in life and we’re going to spend it and have fun.”

The McEnroe’s opted for the lump-sum payment, which is roughly $670,000 after tax.

They said they plan on taking a trip to Ireland.

CBS News

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