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Italian-American community celebrates Columbus Day, impact their culture has had on Endicott

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — While some people may view Christopher Columbus in a negative light, one particular group sees him as a source of pride.

Columbus is perceived as a very heroic figure for many Italians and Italian-Americans, who see Columbus Day as a chance to celebrate the pride they feel toward Columbus, and toward their culture.

The Village of Endicott was largely settled by Italian immigrants and their families more than a hundred years ago, and there’s still a very tight knit sense of community in the village.

One resident said the day is a time to celebrate their exploratory spirit.

“We went to the parade, we went last year and the year before. I think it’s very important to recognize what he did, you know,” said Luigi Gobbo, who immigrated to the United States from northeastern Italy 50 years ago. “The chances that he took, the trip he took. I can’t even imagine in those days, coming.”

Gobbo learned how to create mosaics and tile while in the Old World, and brought that trade with him when he settled first in Binghamton, and then soon after in Endicott.

He said coming to the United States was one of the best decisions he ever made, and that his family has very much been able to live the American dream.

“I made a ton of friends, I was able to get my two kids through college. We were able to build a house, I’m really content I came,” Gobbo told 12 News Monday.

Josh Rosenblatt

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