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Eastern Broome Emergency Services gets new state-of-the-art ambulance

WINDSOR (WBNG) – Eastern Broome Emergency Services unveiled their brand new ambulance designed to help keep first responders and patients safe.

Director of Operations for the E.B.E.S, Josh Stoeckel, says the new vehicle is valued around $65,000 and is a much needed upgrade.

“It’s a big milestone,” said Stoeckel. “The ambulance it is replacing is 20 years old. With our plan, we try to replace them every 12 years now, so it is well overdue.”

Stoeckel says it’s compact size and added safety features will improve the quality of emergency care in the community, such as safety harnesses for the responders tending to the patients and plenty of cabinet space for easy access to equipment.

“On a day to day basis, the load height on this is a lot lower so even for our shorter providers, they are able to easily bring the stretcher in and out without actually having to lift it all,” said Stoeckel.

The assistant director of operations for E.B.E.S., Chuck Yesalusky, says driving the 2019 Ram Promaster ambulance gives patients a smoother ride and overall better experience.

“We have a lot of bridges here and lot of bouncing on the road. With this apparatus that we have here. It’s a lot more comfortable for the patient. We feel more secure in the back,” said Yesalusky.

E.B.E.S. says they are working on even more upgrades in the future, including adding another Ram Promaster ambulance built by F.R. Conversions.

“Having it be brand new and also smaller, more agile, cheaper to run and a lot more affordable to purchase. We are able to invest money in other places in the company to better serve the community,” said Stoeckel. “It’s around a thousand calls a year that we are requested to. With new purchases like this, we are able to make sure that we make it to each call.”

Stoeckel says they also hope to eventually buy an ‘autopulse,’ a machine that does CPR.

“It’s a lot safer if we are transporting someone in cardiac arrest and it’s a lot more efficient than one of us doing CPR,” said Stoeckel.

Eastern Broome Emergency Services was established in 2018 and provides emergency medical services to the Village of Deposit, Village of Windsor, Village of Sherman, Town of Deposit, Town of Sanford, Town of Scott and Town of Windsor.

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