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Broome County inspires students to get involved in their community with Challenge for Change

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — For our future leaders of tomorrow, the time to start getting involved is now.

It’s part of Broome County’s Challenge for Change initiative, designed to get young people involved in their community. Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said he hopes youthful enthusiasm will lead to out of the box thinking to help solve some of the county’s most challenging problems.

At the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator Thursday afternoon, students met with Garnar and other county officials to learn about the program and brainstorm ideas.

Students have two months to come up with a project in mind and then create a presentation to be judged by the county. Two winners from across the county will be selected, and winning projects will receive fifteen hundred dollars in funding.

Garnar says it’s a great way to engage students.

“Be able to work with young people, we’re really trying to get more young people involved in government, interested in their community,” he told 12 News. “It’s a great way to do that, incentivize them with 1500 dollars to complete the project and a great way to do something good for the community too.”

The goal of the program is for students to create a proposal for a project that will directly impact their community.

Josh Rosenblatt

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