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SUNY Broome offering tuition-free courses for high school students

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — SUNY Broome’s “Fast Forward” courses have been a part of its system for years, but recently these classes are now being offered free of charge.

The goal of the college’s Fast Forward courses is to give high school students the chance to get credit for both high school and collegiate courses, while trying to figure out what type of path to take when thinking about college.

“It gives them a sense of what the college is like and they’re currently taking a college level course so just making more people believe that it really is something that they can do and I think that’s great for the local community and the state,” said President of Academic Affairs, Penny Haynes.

Students can study subjects from teacher education to business to English, and can come right to campus to take the classes.

“It’s opened up doors for more people and just get that little taste of success in the end that they really can do it,” said Haynes.

SUNY Broome was able to offer this deal with the help of legislation and budgeting. When asked if more courses in the future for college students would be offered tuition-free, Haynes says as long as it works in the budget and with the state legislation, she would like to keep making education affordable for students.

Anne Sparaco

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