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The School of Pharmacy gave an historical presentation on the area’s resurgence

(WBNG) — The Binghamton University School of Pharmacy, in conjunction with the Broome County Historical Society gave a presentation on Johnson City’s recent resurgence.

Many residents came out to hear what updates officials have on the area’s restoration, and even learn a little about its history, demonstrating with state of the art technology.

Distinguished geography professors John Frazier and Norah Henry, informed stakeholders about how local businesses have been doing. They say in the past few years many new ones have sprouted up and vacant buildings are quickly being filled, boosting the economy.

John Frazier, a geography professor at Binghamton University said, “there are more eateries and other things. So those are going to change on Main Street. But beyond Main Street, Grand Avenue, Floral, other parts of the Village are gonna change as well.”

The Pharmacy School’s dean Gloria Meredith shared its progress. Along with its initiative to become a nationally renowned pharmacy school, officials say it is increasing the Village’s foot traffic, and expect that to rise even more when the school becomes fully accredited in 2021.


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